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“Don’t forget to put on Pay Paw View for Lucky!”

Downloadable app available on all tablets and phones that allow owners to interact and communicate with their pets while away from home.

Pay Paw View

  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Product Design
  • UX/UI
  • Personal Project


Recently, I adopted my first cat (well, technically she adopted me through the cat distribution system). She is absolutely precious, but is a ball of energy. A resource I’ve found helpful in entertaining my energized kitty are cat TV and cat game videos on YouTube. She will go from a zooming gray blur to the TV screen having 100% of her attention.

So I thought, if she already loves these interactive videos, what if they were truly interactive where I can control the screen?

The Problem

Loneliness in humans is known to increase stress levels which can lead to damaging psychological issues, such as depression and anxiety. Having pets is an effective way to combat loneliness, but what happens to our pets when we are unable to keep them company? Our pets are a mere part of our lives, but we owners are their entire world. How do we ensure our pets are not suffering while at our 9-5?

The Solution & Goals

There are a lot of apps and gadgets that are similar to Pay Paw View, but I wanted to create something that doesn’t require standalone hardware that takes up more space in your home. As someone who is passionate about accessibility and avoiding waste, it is my goal to create something that can be accessed with devices that most people already have.

User Research

Data Analysis